The program offers an intensive cohort-based opportunity for students to learn new skills and advance a project with support, feedback and coaching from peers, members of the Leadership Initiative team, professionals in their field and their individual networks.

The program coaches fellows through four consecutive project phases:

  1. Project development starts in the fall semester and offers workshops, lab sessions and individual coaching to help fellows form a team and develop a project plan. Teams will implement design thinking strategies, develop a project logic model, practice public narratives to gain support of their work, and build out their networks.
  2. Pitching for funding takes place at the end of the fall semester. Teams with a successful project proposal move immediately towards implementation, and those who require more time to refine their proposals are given additional support.  
  3. Project implementation takes place over the spring semester. Fellows will learn to manage their teams, refine their evaluation and presentation methods, and think strategically about questions of scale and the next steps for their project. 
  4. Project presentation takes place at the end of the spring semester where teams deliver a dynamic presentation on the results of their project implementation, evaluations and their experience in the program.

Below are details about the objectives of workshops, group mentoring and individual coaching.

We strongly encourage you to review the program’s required dates, times and descriptions of workshops and other program offerings.