Turn Ideas Into Action

Group of undergraduate students working together around table.

The NYU Leadership Fellows Program is a year-long opportunity that prepares undergraduate students to take action on projects that provide service to a community.

Leading Projects with Impact

Do you have a great project idea for social impact but aren’t sure how to get it off the ground? Do you need help learning to develop, pitch and implement a project?

The Leadership Fellows Program is a project incubator, helping students turn their ideas into action.  Through skill-building workshops, “lab” sessions to apply those skills and individualized coaching, students develop a project through its full life-cycle. The fall semester covers project development and pitching for funding while the spring semester focuses on project implementation, evaluation and presentation.

Students leave the program with:

  • Purpose: An increased awareness of their individual purpose by contributing to a community that resonates with their personal, academic or extracurricular interests
  • Networks: An expanded network of peers, academic contacts and professionals that support their strategic direction
  • Engagement: An increased sense of engagement at NYU and the capacity to create impact on their target audience or community
  • Narratives: An increased confidence in their ability to share narratives that move themselves and others into action

All applications for the Fall 2020 semester are due by 11:59PM EST on Friday, July 31st. Learn more about program offerings and start your application by following the instructions here