The program supports Scholars as they develop the skills needed to envision, articulate, and create transformative change in their personal and professional lives.

Leadership Sessions

Breakthrough Scholars participate in twice-monthly workshops focused on enhancing self awareness and building other critical leadership skills. Topics discussed include public speaking, time management, relationship building/ networking, and career readiness. These sessions are led by Leadership Initiative staff along with guest facilitators such program faculty adviser and NYU President Emeritus, John Sexton.

Networking Opportunities  

In business and leadership, relationships are required to achieve meaningful impact. Scholars have the unique opportunity to meet peers, alumni, guest speakers, and prominent business leaders. These opportunities allow the Scholars to learn how to build meaningful two-way relationships, refine their presentation skills, and expand their networks.


Starting in their freshman year, Scholars are paired with peer mentors to support their transition into NYU. Over the course of their college career, Scholars regularly interact with corporate and alumni mentors who support the Scholars as they examine and experiment developing their leadership potential. By fostering these relationships in college, Breakthrough Scholars build a network of support to rely on as they enter the workforce.

Career Readiness Training

Our relationship with numerous corporate partners enables the Breakthrough Scholars to engage in corporate site visits, research projects and individualized career training programming. These individualized activities give the Scholars specific insight into possible career tracks, helping them identify their internship and academic interests.