The program introduces critical leadership theories, offers personalized support, and provides opportunities for fellows to practice the skills required to lead ethically, inclusively, and collaboratively in organizations across the social sector.

For more information about SSLD Fellowship, its program components, and recent achievements, please read this brochure.

SSLD Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills Development

The Leadership Initiative defines leadership as the process of working ethically, inclusively, and collaboratively to invent the future. Over the course of three semesters, fellows will be exposed to numerous leadership frameworks, including Adaptive Leadership, Results-Based Leadership, and Giving Voice to Values. Other workshop topics in design thinking and conflict negotiation. Sessions are designed for students to develop their leadership skills by enabling these frameworks to be immediately applicable to fellows’ extracurricular, entrepreneurial, and career-search activities. 


Individual Coaching and Career Advisement

For the final two semesters of the program, fellows will be partnered with a leadership coach who will use the CareerLeader assessment tool to advise students on how to further develop skills, identify concrete professional interests, and gain the experience needed to embark on careers of purpose within the social sector. 

SSLD Learns

Network-Building Opportunities

In addition to developing cross-sector networks with other students, fellows will have opportunities throughout the program to network with NYU alumni, social sector leaders, outside speakers, and outside organizations that may be present at sessions or events. Fellows will also have workshops and hear from experts about how to effectively acquire, manage, and leverage their networks as professionals. 


Collaborative Community Building Challenge

A central tenet of the SSLD Fellowship is utilizing the leadership skills fellows develop to give back to their communities both currently as students and in the future as professionals. Each year, fellows work together to ideate, organize, and execute a community enrichment event that shares their learning with their peers across NYU.