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NYU Women's Leadership Program

NYU Women's Leadership Program: Mindfulness in Action

featuring Dr. Carmela Bennett

NYU Women's Leadership Program

This four week program took place in the spring semester of 2017. Applications are currently closed. To learn more about the selection process that was used by the committee, please find details below. 

About the Program

Today it is more important than ever to empower women’s leadership. Real progress depends on including the talents of our full population. Only when there is real equality, at all levels of society - from the home to the executive board room - can a population flourish both economically and culturally.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 51.5% of women in the United States workforce hold management, professional and related positions and yet only 4.2% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are women. In the field of healthcare, women account for 78.4% of the labor force but only 14.6% of those women are executive officers and none are CEOs. And in the age of digital technology, women only hold 26% of all tech jobs. As market forces quickly transform to favor technological skills, women are at risk of losing out on tomorrow’s best job opportunities.

It is a vital time to empower women, and to give them the tools to succeed as leaders. Starting on February 9th, Dr. Carmela Bennett hosts four student leadership development trainings for a select group of NYU women. The program will consist of four experiential workshops focusing on Embodied Leadership, a bold new approach to learning to lead. Particularly significant for women, this body/mind approach enables women to experience the body as a source of intelligence and power in ways that directly impact their ability to act with agency, develop a consistent voice, take a stand for self and others, engage conflict and negotiation and build the resilience to deal with ambiguity, complexity, and power dynamics. The program is customized to help women naturally develop a powerful leadership presence and the ability to match leadership styles to leadership challenges.

Dr. Bennett is on the faculty of Teachers College at Columbia University, where she teaches Embodied Leadership Development. Dr. Bennett also blends her 25 years of experience in growth and development to coach and consult internationally using a somatic, constructive developmental approach in order to create transformative, sustainable change with individuals, executives, and in organizations.

Participants will:

  • Develop deep self awareness
  • Build a more powerful leadership presence that is able to stay open, present, and connected under conditions of complexity and ambiguity
  • Access the intelligence of the mind/body system
  • Cultivate the capacity for creativity, change, and connection
  • Create a compelling and actionable vision and purpose 
  • Reduce stress and increase resilience by developing a greater range of actions
  • Work with historical issues of cultural and gender identity