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Founded in 2013, the NYU Leadership Initiative is galvanizing a network of young leaders who reflect the diversity of our global society and are prepared to solve today’s complex challenges.

Global issues like income inequality and climate change demonstrate that the challenges of the 21st century are simply too large to be solved by a select group of people. Our times call for a new approach to leadership - one that is ethical, inclusive, and collaborative.

The NYU Leadership Initiative invites students to rethink leadership as collective work that creates shared vision. We believe that everybody, no matter their background or discipline, has the ability to lead and an important role to play in creating a better future.

By integrating scholarly research, undergraduate and graduate level programming, and co-curricular activities across the University we offer world-class, comprehensive leadership development for the NYU community.  Through our various offerings, students embrace their potential and develop the self-awareness and skills needed to create shared vision and take action with others.

The three offices of the NYU Leadership Initiative - Leadership Development, Global Awards, and the Social Entrepreneurship Program - work together to provide leadership development grounded in diversity and inclusion. Together, we are defining new ways for higher education to prepare people – at all ages and stages – to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace, step up to critical challenges facing communities  around the globe, and lead meaningful, productive lives of action.

Leadership is about how we shape futures that we truly desire.
- Peter Senge



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The Leadership Initiative aims to create a space for conversation across the Global Network University about how best to equip students to meaningfully contribute to global public discourse, apply ethical leadership principles and practices to complex problem solving, bridge divides, and set a course of continual discovery and innovation.

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