Current NYU Students (from any of the campuses) apply by submitting the Study Away Application, by the appropriate deadline.

In the application:

  1. Select the term you are applying to study away.
  2. Rank top three location preference. Select "NYU Washington, DC" as first choice.
  3. Submit all required sections of the application and receive confirmation email.
  4. Click the Enrollment Portal link and submit required materials for Global Leadership Program.


What we look for in a future Leadership Program student:

  • Students who have demonstrated a motivation to step up. They don't necessarily need to hold a formal leadership position.
  • Students who see a problem and act to solve it whether in the classroom, the community or another setting.
  • Students who work to create connections and build community, such as in the way that they interact with peers in class or in a residence hall.
  • Students who are committed to their own learning and personal growth. They don't need to be perfectly polished but are hungry to learn and get better at what they do.
  • Students who have a sense of the kinds of questions that animate their life, who are passionate about particular lines of inquiry and seek to build a body of work around them through their scholarship, service, leadership and career.




Phone: 212-998-4433


NYU Office of Global Programs

383 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor

New York, New York 10003