Is participating in an internship required for the program?

All Global Leadership Program students are required to participate in a meaningful experiential learning opportunity, which for most students will be an internship. Other experiential learning opportunities are also possible, such as community service, but these must be reviewed and approved in advance.

Am I eligible for an internship if I am not a U.S. citizen?

International students with F1 or J1 visas are eligible for an unpaid internship, provided that this is a co-requisite to a credit-bearing course. (For Leadership students this is the required Meaning of Leadership course.) Some internships are restricted to U.S. citizens only.

Will I need to apply for an internship myself or will NYU do it for me?

All students are expected to apply for their own internship and complete the steps outlined on our website.

What if I do not secure an internship?

We encourage you to follow the five easy steps outlined on our website (for researching your options, preparing a good resume, etc.), which will help you create a professional baseline for yourself as you apply.

Please note: The list of internships on our website is not exhaustive and does not include all internship opportunities in DC. There is a wealth of other opportunities. It is expected that you do your own research to find an internship that fits what you are looking for.

We will assist you with challenges that you may encounter during the process of securing an internship, but you are expected to apply early enough to be competitive for internships.

May I find an internship through my personal network?

Yes, as long as you follow the steps as outlined on our website, and the internship  is reviewed and approved in advance.

How many credits do I receive for the internship?

NYU does not award credits for internship placements. Rather, such placements are, for Leadership students, a co-requisite to the Meaning of Leadership course, which carries 4 credits.

How many hours per week should I intern?

Some internship sponsors may ask you for a commitment of more than 20 hours per week. This program has been designed to enable Leadership students to balance a time-intensive internship with rigorous coursework. We expect that most students enrolled in the program will intern for at least 20 hours/week and, in some cases, likely more. We also encourage students to engage in community service and other activities during the semester. It is often more challenging to decrease the number of internship hours than to increase the weekly commitment, so consider this carefully as you are finalizing your hours with your internship supervisor. NYU requires a minimum of 140 hours per semester at your internship.

When do I need to start my internship?

There is no specific date when you must start the internship (other than the one given to you by the organization you are working for). Please do not start your internship during your first week in DC, as you will be participating in orientation activities and the first sessions of the Meaning of Leadership course at that time.


Required Courses & Credits

 Do I have to take the experiential learning seminar?

No. All students with internships are required to enroll in a co-requisite course. For DC Leadership students the required 4-credit Meaning of Leadership course serves as the internship co-requisite.

How many credits is the leadership course?

The leadership course is 4 credits.

How many credits may I sign up for?

Students are required to take a minimum of 12 credits. Courses at NYU Washington, DC, are all valued at 4 credits so most students enroll in 16 credits.


Miscellaneous questions

When should I arrive?
Please see the calendar for arrival dates.