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portrait of past SSLD Fellows

“In Awe of the Power - SSLD Portrait Project” by Benrong Zhu and Fan Zhang

The NYU Social Sector Leadership Diversity Fellowship (SSLD) is an 18-month leadership development program that supports NYU’s BIPOC graduate students in leveraging their skills, knowledge and networks to influence positive change in the social sector.

SSLD’s vision is to eliminate the racial leadership gap in the social sector and advance racial justice. The fellowship was conceived in 2013 to help address the pervasive white advantage in the social sector, where professionals of color continue to be underrepresented in leadership roles.1 Through an 18-month leadership development program, SSLD aims to support NYU graduate students attain leadership roles in the social sector workforce and be active change-makers in their communities.

SSLD’s vision, mission and program offerings are rooted in three core values:


SSLD is committed to creating an environment where Fellows feel a sense of belonging.


SSLD is committed to challenging policies, power structures and institutions to advance racial equity and collective liberation.


SSLD is committed to supporting fellows in being their whole, authentic selves.

1. Building Movement Project, “Race to Lead Revisited: Obstacles and Opportunities in Addressing the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap,” Building Movement Project (2020).