2022-2023 TSA Team in Rosenthal Pavillion

Your Transfer Student Ambassador (TSA) team is excited to welcome you! Each incoming Transfer student will be matched with a Transfer Student Ambassador. The TSAs serve as peer mentors and guides during the first semester at NYU. They are here to give advice, inform transfer students of upcoming Transfer Life events, and assist in providing space to build relationships and community with other students who are going through the same transition. They are here to be a resource on campus, so be certain to connect with them! 

If you have general questions regarding the Transfer Student Ambassador program, please email NYU Transfer Life.  

Meet your TSA

TSA Chair Winnie

"Take initiative! If there is something that you want to accomplish, be the first to act. Don't wait for others to come to you." - Winnie

TSA Majo

"Don't be scared to ask questions! I promise you you're not the only one wondering about that. Get to know your professors and TAs! There's so much you can learn from them... why limit it to that one class they teach?" - Majo

TSA Jenn

"Take care of your mind and body. Get enough sleep, eat nutritious foods, and make sure to move every day. This is a great foundation to combatting stress and anxiety, especially during crunch times like midterms." - Jenn

TSA Alexis

"Embrace being a transfer student! Transitioning to a new school can be really intimidating and I think there is a certain myth that many transfers have that they don’t fit in as well as other students. This is so false! Many transfer students actually have a better idea of what they want to do or just what they want for their college experience because of prior experience. Being a transfer student gives you a unique perspective, embrace it and use it to form new connections. You deserve to be here!" - Alexis

TSA Jackie

"You have accomplished one of the hardest things in life, and that is getting into college. So, remember to celebrate every single one of your wins, be they big or small. Celebrate yourself! Celebrate your friends and family because they are your support system and in celebrating them you, in a way, celebrate yourself! " - Jackie

TSA Rufi

"You're capable of more than you know. Choose kindness, find the best pie in the city, and don't forget to feel the sun on your face" - Rufi

TSA Emily

"It's easy to get fomo, especially at a city school, but remember that what you see of others is just what they let you see. Social media is a highlight reel of people's best moments. In reality, everyone's kinda in the same boat." - Emily

TSA Esha

"Take up opportunities that come your way. It can be easy to pass up events when you have nobody to go with, but you could end up finding your best friend at one of these events!" - Esha

TSA Nisat

"It might seem like everyone is caught up doing the next big thing, and you may have days where you are a step behind. Remind yourself that you are at your own pace. You do not have to have it all figured out. College is stressful, but it is also where you will make some of your core memories. Enjoy it and work at your pace because you are fighting your battles, not the person sitting next to you. Give it your best, and enjoy the next few years. You're in for a ride!" - Nisat