Each fall and spring semester, the Center for Student Life provides a child care subsidy to eligible graduate students to assist with child care services.  On this page you will find information on eligibility and Frequently Asked Questions.  We encourage you to review this information before you apply.

NOTE: Those approved for the subsidy should receive the Bursar credit in December for the Fall semester or May for the Spring semester. Applicants will be notified by email when it is available on your Bursar account.

Subsidy Eligibility

You Must:

  • Be currently enrolled in full-time graduate degree program (except for School of Medicine) as verified by the University Registrar. (If you are unsure of your status please speak with your academic adviser as we can not determine this for you). You can also find this information on your certificate of enrollment, which you can request on Albert. Click here to view what to look for on Albert.
  • Your dependent child must not have reached his/her 6th birthday by the deadline of November 1st for the Fall semester and April 1st for the Spring semester.
  • You provide a valid copy of your child's birth certificate that clearly indicates the enrolled student's name, the child's name, and the child's birthday.  

Completing the Application

  • Complete the online application form by the deadline. For the Fall Semester, November 1st and/or for the Spring Semester, April 1st.
  • At the end of the application, you will need to upload a digital copy of the birth certificate with your application. The birth certificate MUST be received by the semester deadline. Late birth certificates will not be accepted.
  • Applications will not be processed until after the application closes on November 1 and April 1.
  • Subsidy's are usually credited to your Bursar account the month following the semester deadline (December and May).

Frequently Asked Questions