It can be challenging trying to be a parent and a student at the same time. Just by being a parent and a student, you have already proven that nothing is unreachable, and that you have great strength and determination. Below you will find a number of resources that may be helpful to you as you balance both these roles.

New York City

Find childcare programs and resources available to you as a resident of New York City.  Click here for more information.

There are also several family events in New York City that you can search by date and location.

Upparent - a community of parents providing resources for other parents. Note the COVID-19 Family Guide.

Child Care Google Group
The Work Life office recently launched a NYU Child Care Google Group, a dedicated space closed to NYU families and students to connect around caregiving needs. The group will function as a shared "bulletin board" where community members can post, search for, and respond to caregiving jobs and services. Parents can also coordinate learning pods and nanny shares in the Google group.

Students are also encouraged to respond to caregiving posts and advertise their own services, whether they are for babysitting, tutoring, or even recreational coaching via this group.