Trainings will return for the Fall semester in September 2022!

To promote informed dialogue about religion on campus and beyond, Global Spiritual Life presents various trainings across our global network.

Cultivating Beloved Community Zone

Offered to NYU students, faculty, staff.

This workshop helps you tap into your emotional and social intelligence, empowering your voice and agency so that you can cultivate care, resilience, and inclusive communities.

Faith Zone Trainings

Offered to NYU students, faculty, staff.

Faith Zone

Faith Zone is a workshop designed to promote religious literacy on campus. Participants will reflect on their own encounters with faith and spirituality, examine the global and local context for religious traditions represented at NYU, and practice skills for cultivating inclusive environments in their offices, residence halls, student groups, and classrooms. Since its inception, the training was awarded the 2017 NASPA International, Multicultural, Gender, LGBTQ, Spirituality, Disability, and Related Excellence Award and the 2014 Inaugural Spirituality and Religion in Higher Education Outstanding Spiritual Initiative Award.

Faith Zone 2: Faith as a Bridge

Join GSL for Faith as a Bridge. Together we’ll be empowered to build coalitions across faith traditions and find ways to turn our religious commitments into empowered moral activism.

Jewish Ally Zone

Offered to departments and students by request.

This workshop invites participants to explore the diversity of Jewish identity and practice at NYU, learn about the history of anti-Semitism and its manifestations today, and reflect on the impact of anti-Semitism on the Jewish student experience.

Living on Purpose: Mindful Life Skills

Offered to NYU students, faculty, staff.

Join us for a conversation with the Center for Global Spiritual Life on the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and integrating a continuum of care into our well-being practices. This training empowers you to utilize tools for self-regulation to foster curiosity, empathy, connection, and groundedness in your daily life.

Through contemplative practices, you will assess how you, as an individual, contribute to personal and collective well-being!

Muslim Ally Zone

Offered to departments and students by request.

This presentation, offered by the Islamic Center at NYU, educates departments at NYU about the religion of Islam, understanding the challenges of Islamophobia, and most importantly, reflecting upon the Muslim student experience on campus.