NYU is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for community members of all faiths. As part of this commitment, we continually seek ways to support students’ ability to practice their religions while maintaining their academic progress, without adverse impact. 

The existing University Calendar Policy on Religious Holidays affirms the University’s support for students who need accommodations when their academic requirements and religious obligations conflict. NYU seeks to create an environment where students feel supported and comfortable making requests that are, to many, of a deeply personal nature.

Typically, students can most efficiently obtain reasonable accommodations by raising the need directly with their professors. When making such a request to a professor, it is important to do so with advance notice and it is useful for you to include the following information:

· the date(s) of the religious holiday or obligation that conflicts with the assignment due date, exam date, etc.; 

· any necessary or useful explanations of the obligations and restrictions associated with the religious observance; and

· the specific accommodation(s) requested (e.g., an extension on an assignment, an alternate test date, etc.).

You may also use the Religious Accommodation Request Form to request assistance with a religious accommodation.  Once the form is received, a representative from Global Spiritual Life will be in touch to discuss the request and assist in making appropriate arrangements. Where necessary, they will partner with the Moses Center for Student Accessibility to provide testing accommodations.  

Please email with any questions about requesting religious accommodations. 

Studying Abroad

The Office of Global Programs is committed to Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging and Equity (IDBE). To learn more about the unique and site-specific opportunities and resources at NYU's global locations such as our IDBE Liaisons, IDBE Councils, and resources, please review the IDBE pages for each site.

Observances and Holidays

This calendar of holidays and observances is useful resource for clubs as they choose meeting dates, for University offices as they plan marquee events, and for community members to honor the holidays of friends and colleagues. You can also search Google Calendars for specific faith traditions that you can use alongside your own Google calendar.

#NYUObserves & #NYUCelebrates

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Pluralism Project

Harvard Divinity School Pluralism Project offers opportunities to deepen your religious literacy, including research grants. The project studies and documents the growing religious diversity of the United States, with a particular focus on the emergence of immigrant religious communities.