Religious Accommodations

NYU is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for community members of all faiths. The University Calendar Policy on Religious Holidays affirms the University’s support for observant students who need accommodations. If you have any questions or would like to seek guidance around a student request, please contact us at

Best Practices for Faculty & Staff

To support students in making requests for religious accommodations and to make them aware of the University policy, we recommend the below best practices:

1. Inclusive Language for Syllabi

Include the below model language about religious accommodations in your syllabi:

"NYU’s Calendar Policy on Religious Holidays states that members of any religious group may, without penalty, absent themselves from classes when required in compliance with their religious obligations. You must notify me in advance of religious holidays or observances that might coincide with exams, assignments, or class times to schedule mutually acceptable alternatives. Students may also contact for assistance."

2. Calendar of Holidays & Observances 2022-2023

Review the Global Spiritual Life Calendar of Holidays and Observances and familiarize yourself with those that may fall during your class or exam times.  Consider whether any scheduling changes can be made proactively to minimize the need for accommodations.

3. Share the Policy In Class

Verbally share the policy in your first class session, reminding students that they should approach you well in advance to request accommodations.

4. Seek Understanding

Seek to understand the needs of students approaching you, and work out a reasonable accommodation for their needs. 

Exam Proctoring Support

In cases where religious observance necessitates a student missing a scheduled class exam, the Moses Center for Student Accessibility, in collaboration with the Center for Global Spiritual Life, can support with exam proctoring.

Further Questions?

If any questions arise about applying the policy to specific circumstances or about specific religious traditions, you are encouraged to reach out to the Center for Global Spiritual Life at


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