Core Values

  • Practice | GSL supports religious, spiritual, and mindful practices.
  • Curiosity | Our center encourages a sense of curiosity, essential for the symbiotic relationship between personal exploration and academic pursuit.
  • Service | We give of ourselves in a way that is transformative and in service of our own and others’ liberation.

New York University exemplifies the core principles of Beloved Community in action, modeling spiritual pluralism, holistic wellbeing, and religiously literate engagement with the world. 

Global Spiritual Life offers religious, spiritual, and secular communities empowering tools for self- and community-care, bridge-building, and resilience. We provide opportunities for members of the NYU community to strengthen their sense of belonging, purpose, transcendence, and capacity for storytelling in order to cultivate a Beloved Community. 

Our Offerings
We offer the NYU community restorative and educational workshops, mindfulness programming, interfaith leadership development, cohort-based learning, and pastoral care in order to support the full spectrum and diversity of university life.

How Will YOU Get Involved with GSL?