CMEP's Mission Statement

NYU CMEP enhances the NYU experience by fostering a more inclusive, aware and socially just community. CMEP accomplishes this by:

  • Fostering DIALOGUE that explores issues of identity, diversity and social justice.
  • Supporting the diverse NYU COMMUNITY in their personal, professional and academic lives.
  • Creating educational initiatives and campus-wide programming that ENGAGE the NYU community.
  • Cultivating allies and advocates to create and promote positive CHANGE.

Meet the CMEP Staff

Professional Staff
Brian Allen

Sooah Kwak

Jonathan McClain

Laurel V. Haynes

Leah Lattimore

Tera Nakata

Graduate Student Staff
Natalie Asalgado

Desiree Farnal

Kemi Mugo

Tanya Bernard

Danialie Fertile

Undergraduate Student Staff
Virita Ainapudi

Bianny Magarin

Jakiyah Bradley

Sophia Uehara

Awards and Acknowledgments

The NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs has received awards and acknowledgments for our commitment to creating a welcoming environment for everyone interested in developing their understanding of Diversity and Social Justice. Here is a list of some of our achievements, we have included awards received by individual staff and students as well as the Center itself.

  • NASPA 2012 Excellence Award
    Gold Award: NYU Ally Week, New York University
  • NASPA 2010 Excellence Award
    Silver Award: Administrator Cultural Training Institute (ACT-I), New York University
  • NASPA 2008 Excellence Awards
    Gold Award: NYU's Hip-Hop and Pedagogy Initiative, New York University
    Bronze Award: -ISM Project, New York University