The Moses Center provides Assistive Technology (AT) support to NYU students with academic accommodations. Our services include AT in the classroom, alternate formats of course materials, and AT for exams.
The Moses Center also demonstrates AT for members of the NYU community.

Assistive Technology for Current Students

The Moses Center has partnered with NYU IT to provide free Assistive Technology (AT) resources to every active student within NYU.


Read&Write is an application for your computer, browser, and tablet that helps make reading, writing, and comprehending text easier.

  • Hear text read aloud
  • Save text as an mp3
  • Highlight text virtually anywhere and organize highlights later
  • Simplify web pages for easier reading
  • Screen masks for concentration
  • Practice reading content aloud
  • Speech dictation (for Google Chrome)
  • Word prediction

Document Conversion (SensusAccess)

SensusAccess is a self-service solution that automates the conversion of documents into a range of alternate formats. The service can be used to convert otherwise inaccessible documents, such as image-only PDF files or scanned images, into more accessible formats.

NYU Libraries (Bobst & Dibner) Adaptive Technology Rooms

To reserve and use these rooms you must be registered with the Moses Center for Student Accessibility and receive access to the adaptive computing rooms as part of your accommodation package.

Reserving the rooms

Reservations are required to use the rooms and if provided the accommodation, your student ID can be used to swipe into the rooms.  At the beginning of each semester, and then every Monday during the semester, the access list is updated. You will receive an email from NYU Libraries with further information about how and where to make the room reservations.  

You are able to make up to 6 hours worth of reservation(s) within a 24 hour period.  For example, you can make one 6 hour appointment, or three 2 hour appointments, or two 3 hour appointments. 

Where to find the AT rooms

Bobst Library:

The rooms are located on Lower Level 1 (LL1) of Bobst Library behind the Bobst Library Computing Center (BLCC). Use the elevators 1 or 2 in the east elevator bank, on the ground floor of Bobst Library.  Rooms are immediately on the left of the elevator on LL1.

Dibner Library:

Upon entering the library, pass the service desk.  On your right there will be Group Study Rooms. Turn right after room 324, then make another right after room 325 and follow the hallway to end. The Adaptive Computing Room 341 is the last space on the left. 

Contact Information

Please contact Library Accommodations at or 212.998.2509 with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Adaptive Technology Rooms.