picture of the CSL Award winner 2019 Sidney covington with the Military Alliance Community Center logo in the foreground

Past Events

red and blue flyer with paintings of a soldier a woman with children and a military base at night

NYU Military Alliance Hosted


On Monday, March 9th. The story of Vietnam Veteran John Melillo's journey told through art, original photos, & video that has never been seen before. Mr. Melillo's was diagnosed with PTSD and has found that using art as therapy helped him significantly. Come watch a short video about his life and hear a short Q&A with Steinhardt's Art Therapy Faculty Marygrace Berberian.

See a Broadway Show with MACC

This theater experience has been sponsored by the Theatre Development Fund (TDF) Veteran Theatregoing Program and gives NYU Veterans access to an enormous cultural aspect of New York City. 

Picture of a white shirt with black tie and a mormon elder nametage

Flyer for the first "See a Broadway Show" program for Spring 2020.

NYC Veterans Day Parade 2019

Veteran from Stephen A Cohen waives and onlooker with sign

NYU Veterans at NYC Veterans Day Parade NYU trolley in the background

Stephen A Cohen Military Family Center at the NYC Veterans Day Parade

Veteran Talks with veteran on lookers

Military Dependent waives american flag from NYU trolley

NYU Veterans Day on the Kimmel Stairs

Veterans Future Lab at the NYC Veterans Day Parade

Veteran talking with onlookers with American Flag