Five students standing in the center of a circle outlined with the words International Student Support Initiative

The International Student Hub (I-Hub) is a centralized, coordinated, and comprehensive center for NYU’s international student community. A collaboration between the Office of Global Services (OGS) and the Center for Student Life (CSL), I-Hub is dedicated to not only support international students at NYU, but also to provide resources and expertise to create academic, co-curricular, and social opportunities for sustained, cross-cultural learning. 


What We Do

  • Foster international student leadership and community,
  • Support cross-cultural dialogue,
  • Lead and coordinate the First Year International Student Transition Program and the Graduate Student Transition Program,
  • Coordinate pre-orientation and orientation programs for international students,
  • Lead and coordinate large-scale University programming to support holidays and cultural celebrations, including International Education Week (IEW),
  • Create intentional pathways for the successful integration of domestic and international students, 
  • Build intercultural humility and competence across the University, 
  • Contribute to advocacy efforts in regards to critical state and national policies that impact international communities,
  • Create connections and friendships that include partnering with student clubs and organizations, and opportunities for spouses and partners to be involved at NYU.


International Student Lounge

Located in the Kimmel Center for University Life, Room 704, feel free to study, relax, and socialize in the space. There are couches, tables, a screen, and a large whiteboard for you to use. Make sure to mark on the map where you call home! The International Student Lounge is also used to host monthly international student and scholar focus groups, weekly English conversation groups, and other student events co-sponsored by OGS and CSL.

Our Staff

  • Associate Director for Programming, OGS: Sarah Goetz
  • Assistant Director for International Student Engagement, CSL: Robert Wilder
  • Program Administrator, OGS: Noa Watkins
  • Program Administrator, OGS: Evelyn Garcia
  • Graduate Assistant, CSL: Catherine Meng
  • Programs and Events Intern, OGS: Hazara Leon
  • Programs and Events Intern, OGS: Jamie Dehouck
  • Graphic Designer and Communications Intern, OGS: Sara Sharma
  • Visual Storyteller Intern, OGS: Kriti Mahtab
  • OGS Programming Committee:
    • Laura Haley, International Student Advisor
    • Chad Lectura, Senior International Student Advisor
    • Julianne Parayo, International Student Advisor
    • Tom Sirinides, Director of International Student Services
    • Sarah Willyard, Director of Operations
    • Melissa Zuroff, Director of Engagement 

Student Organization Partners

International Student Council

International Student Council (ISC) is dedicated to providing a holistic experience to undergraduate and graduate international students. ISC creates community and promotes diversity amongst the international student body across the University through the organizing of events and other initiatives. Check out ISC events on their Facebook Page.

International Student Advisory Committee

The International Student Affairs Committee (ISAC) is one of the committees of  the Student Government Assembly. This committee comes together to discuss policies and initiatives that address concerns that international students have during their time at NYU, including cultural adjustment, academic development, and extracurricular exposure. ISAC also serves as a forum for students who identify as international students and those interested in international student affairs to exchange and disseminate information on matters of concern to the community.

Recent I-Hub Newsletters

Please refer to the OGS Immigration Updates and Events web page for all recent I-Hub newsletters and immigration-related updates for international students.

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