About the Awards

Each spring, NYU schools are invited to submit nominations for university-wide outstanding dissertation awards for the academic year. Each school may submit up to three total nominations across any combination of award categories.

The spring 2022 deadline for nominations is now past. We will update this page for the next awards cycle in fall 2022.

Award Categories

Arts & Humanities

for example, studies related to the fine arts; humanist disciplines; cultural studies; or theater, performance, and cinema studies

Public Health & Allied Health

for example, studies related to population and community health or to delivery of health-related services such as rehabilitation services, occupational therapy, dietetics etc.; as well as studies pertaining to the identification, evaluation, and prevention of diseases

Science & Technology

for example, studies relating to basic scientific discovery, whose goals are to expand or explore the knowledge in a particular field, including engineering, as well as studies applying existing scientific or engineering knowledge to practical goals, such as new technologies or inventions

Social Sciences

for example, studies in traditional social science disciplines, as well as projects using one or more of the social sciences to study topics in areas such as policy, management, finance, environmental studies, or social work

Additionally, students are invited to indicate whether their dissertations align with any of the Provost's current priorities and cross-school initiatives: Aging, Urban, the Cross-Cutting Initiative on Inequality, or Climate Change.

Criteria for Award Selection

The selection criteria for each dissertation category will include:

  • Submission by the nomination deadline
  • Evidence of a superlative academic record
  • The caliber of the scholar's record, including evidence of likelihood for being a leader in the scholar's field
  • The significance and potential intellectual and social impact of the dissertation on the scholar's field of choice
Please do not submit individual nominations to Doctoral Affairs. Nominations will be submitted centrally, by each school, and instructions will be communicated to faculty. If you did not receive instructions for your school, we will connect you to your school's liaison.

Submission Materials

For each nomination, Schools should submit a single PDF to doctoral.affairs@nyu.edu including the following materials:

  • Cover page
    Download and complete the required template (first page of this Google Doc), including name of School leader (e.g. Dean, Associate Dean, etc.) confirming School approval of the nomination
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Dissertation abstract
    The abstract should include a lay description of the thesis work highlighting the hypothesis or problem being addressed in the proper context, a summary of the findings, and the impact or value of the work in the relevant field and in society. (2-4 pages; double-spaced; Times New Roman; 1 inch margins.)
  • Link to dissertation in NYU library or other location, or sufficient justification for non-inclusion
    You may find a link to the full text version of your dissertation uploaded to ProQuest on the NYU library site. If the full text version of your dissertation is currently embargoed, please include a separate PDF of the full text version with your application.
  • One letter of reference from the thesis advisor
    Must assess the general quality of the applicant's graduate work, the expected contribution of the dissertation to the discipline, and the prospects for its publication either in whole or in part (Maximum: 2 pages; double-spaced; Times New Roman; 1-inch margins.)

Late nominations will not be accepted.