The NYU Community

Policies and Procedures

New York University is committed to providing a supportive and structured environment for the development of scholars, researchers, and teachers. It is expected that the responsibilities of students, faculty, and staff will be discharged with impartiality, reason, and consistency. To this end, it is the responsibility of all members of the NYU community to respect and comply with all NYU Policies and Procedures as well as all University rules and policies.

Dean's Designee

The dean of each doctoral degree-granting School (or unit) at NYU may designate any member of the administration of that unit to fulfill any of the NYU procedural roles outlined in this document in place of the indicated NYU administrator in any case where either there is a clear conflict of interest involving the indicated administrator or the position of the indicated administrator is vacant.


Doctoral students are under the authority of NYU Policies and Procedures from the first day of the first term in which they enroll in a NYU sponsored program. Students remain under the authority of these rules until they graduate or officially separate from NYU.