The 2022-2023 Commuter Assistants taking a photo in Washington Square Park

What's a Commuter Assistant? 

Commuter Assistants (or CAs) are experienced upper-class commuter students who are linked with incoming first year commuter students and act as personal guides for their entire first year at NYU. CAs are divided by school so they are familiar with information that is unique to the specific schools. Throughout the semester CAs will host programs and send weekly emails providing students with helpful updates, suggestions for things to do, and information on available resources.  

When will I meet my Commuter Assistant?

First-year students will meet their Commuter Assistant at Commuter Crew or at the Commuter Student Welcome during Welcome Week

If you have questions before you hear from your CA, contact

Meet this year's CA Team

CA Chair Manpreet

"If you want to do something but are hesitant, just go for it. It's better to go for something than to not do it and regret it afterwards. Trying or doing something new and putting in the effort can really take you farther than you ever imagined." - Manpreet

CA Angelica

"College can feel extremely overwhelming. You are in a new environment with new people, trying to navigate the changes happening in your life all at once! Remember that it takes time to adjust! Not all of our journeys are the same, and there is no time limit! As long as you’re being you and putting yourself out there, you’re already doing amazing! Keep making the best of experience life throws at you! Soon enough you'll see the beauty of being this young at NYU in New York City!" - Angelica

CA Izzy

"The city is your oyster! Haha, but seriously. There are so many opportunities at NYU and in NYC, so try new things and don't be afraid of what anyone thinks. You are young and have fun." - Izzy

CA Mian Hua

"Make everywhere your home with your energy! With every step taken, even if you feel lost, keep going forward with a deep breath, good food, and lots of rest when you can. Do your best at every thing given, and remember that you got us and we got you in our community!" - Mian Hua

CA Jess

"Confidence is key in so many aspects of life. Everybody can feel a sense of imposter syndrome at times— but just know that NYU chose you for a reason, and you're exactly where you're meant to be!" - Jess

CA Ada

"Don't feel pressured to go out everyday or participate in every event - feel out what is right for you and don't forget to explore NYC!" - Ada

CA Kelly

"New beginnings can be scary and hard, but just know you will be okay. You were chosen to be here because a team of people believed in your power, stand in that knowledge and always remember to shoot for the moon because even if you fall you will land among the stars." - Kelly

CA Natasha

"Strive for progress, not perfection. And most of all, enjoy the present and don't worry about the future." - Natasha

CA Shirley

"If you are in a big lecture, and you have a question, just ask it. NYU is so big, don't sweat it. Also you can be the wingman for your classmates who equally don't understand what's going on either." - Shirley

CA Jose

"Everyone's journey through college is different, but we all share the same feelings about it. Always reach out when you're feeling stuck or unsure, as many if not all of us have felt the exact same at one point." - Jose

CA Andrea

"NYU has a huge community of commuters! It may feel a little unorthodox compared to the "traditional college experience" but I promise everyone's experience is entirely unique! Adjusting to college and commuting can be difficult but you're not the first to manage it and you won't be the last. You belong here, you're going to do great, and we're so excited for you." - Andrea

CA Yanjie

“Being a commuter in the city can be very fun. Take it easy and try to plan ahead. Don’t forget there are tons of resources waiting for you to explore around campus and we are always here for you.” - Yanjie

CA Kristen

"Commuter life definitely has its ups and downs but it can be a very enjoyable and independent learning experience! You may not be the typical traditional student but that is okay your differences and experiences you make commuting makes you all the more unique! You have such a big support system around you at NYU so don't be afraid to ask questions or simply ask for help. College is meant for you to feel a bit like Bambi getting her footing. Try new things, explore, have fun and most importantly be your #1 cheerleader even when you feel like you can't because trust me you can do this!" - Kristen