The Commuter & Off-Campus Student Programs component of the Center for Student Life is designed to promote a sense of belonging among commuter students while offering programs to enhance wellness, academic success, and student connections within NYU. 

Commuter & Off-Campus Student Programs is home to the Commuter Student Council (CSC), a student-run organization for commuter students, as well as the Commuter Assistant (CA) program, which serve as an invaluable source of support for new undergraduate commuters. 

We provide a variety of resources to help students who live off-campus, which includes: information on transportation, lockers on campus, a lounge with computers and printing, a kitchen for you to warm up your lunch, information and support about off-campus living and access to tons of great information to help you stay informed and connected as a commuter!

Commuter Assistants

The Commuter Assistant (CA) program is built on the idea of creating community with our off campus and commuter students. Each incoming first year student will be connected with one CA. CAs will provide programming, guidance, and mentorship for each new students first semester. 

If you have any general questions about the Commuter Assistant program please email