“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." - Napoleon Hill

UHall IA


Roles and Responsibilities

Position Description:

Information Assistants are the first point of contact for any student entering the ULC seeking assistance. IAs manage the flow of traffic at our two locations, matching students with an appropriate Learning Assistant and keeping track of learning sessions. They also provide students with information about other relevant workshops and programs provided by the ULC, and lead our Marketing and Social Media Team. Daily tasks include greeting students, data entry, answering phones, and general administrative duties.

  • Currently enrolled as a full-time matriculated student in good academic standing at the College of Arts & Science.
  • Must have completed at least one full academic semester by start date.
  • Two recommendations. The recommendations can be from an NYU Professor, NYU administrator (adviser, dean’s office, etc.) or a supervisor from a part-time job who can speak to your character and the qualities required of a potential ULC Information Assistant.
  • Comfortable working in a collaborative group environment.
  • Must have excellent communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills.
  • Must be comfortable with Excel and Google Docs, and/or willing to learn.
  • Must be able to work a minimum of 10hr per week

Pay begins at $15.00 for all qualified Information Assistants.

How to Apply

Applications are posted on our website and through Handshake, with select candidates invited for interviews. Hiring offers remain contingent upon schedules and successful completion of the current semester.

Before applying note the following:

All ULC operations for Fall 2021 will follow the policies and guidelines of New York University. Staff should be prepared to work on campus.

Application Instructions:
  • Part 1: APPLICATION - Complete and submit the online application form.
    • You will be asked for the following two documents. Please have them saved and ready to attach.
      1. Current Resume (Saved as "Last name Resume" - ex. Smith Resume)
      2. Unofficial Transcript from NYU Albert (Saved as "Last name transcript" - ex. Smith Transcript)
  • Part 2: SCHEDULE - After you have registered for fall 2021 courses, applicants must create and share their calendar of availability with ulcnyu.scheduling@gmail.com (NOTE: Additional inquiries to this email will not receive a response).
    • Instructions to create a Google Calendar
    • Important: Calendars do not have to be accurate at the time of submission, but must be accurate and finalized before offers can be made. Changes to your availability could negatively affect your application and prevent you from being hired.
  • Part 3: TWO REFERENCES - You are responsible for requesting that references submit our reference form before our deadline. Our reference form is provided below.
    • At least one reference MUST be an NYU professor or instructor. The second reference can also be a professor, or can be an NYU administrator (academic advisor, Dean's office, etc.), or a supervisor from a part-time job or volunteer position who can speak to your qualities as a potential ULC tutor. References should NOT be from relatives.
    • Please use your best judgment in selecting your references. The ULC will not answer questions about whom to select as your reference.
    • Reference Form: Copy and paste this link to your recommenders. Please remember to note whether or not you have waived your right to see their recommendation in your email.
Application Deadlines:
  • Application: Priority March 31, after which applications will be accepted on a rollong basis until positions are filled.
  • References: May 18, 2021
  • Final Schedule: June 11, 2021
Due to the high volume of applications, individual messages to confirm receipt of applications will not be possible. Select candidates will be invited for an interview starting in april, 2021. Interviews may be conducted via Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangout.

NOTE ABOUT APPLICATION: While you can go back and edit your responses (keep a copy of our confirmation email after you submit), applications are processed on a rolling basis and will not be revisited after our initial review. We, therefore, recommend that you complete the application in a single sitting. However, if you are unable to complete the application in one attempt, we suggest signing your name as "INCOMPLETE" in the "Certification" section (at the end of the application) and returning to it at a later date. Please remember to change this when your application is ready for review, or else it will not be considered. Please do not submit more than one application per semester.