We are now accepting applications to join the ULC team in Spring 2023!  Priority deadline is December 5.

Join our team of bright and engaged students and become part of a close community of learners and leaders! The University Learning Center is staffed entirely by undergraduates, bringing free peer tutoring to anyone enrolled in the NYU courses we support. With extensive hours and a variety of services all led by you, you'll have the opportunity to make a positive impact on others while building your skills and thinking creatively. Student success is our mission. Join us to help yourself and others Study Smart!

LAs at ARC

The ULC forged a deep sense of community between all tutors and the students we tutored, initiating long-lasting relationships with the people who are my best friends today. Working as a tutor made me realize the value of collaboration, which inspired me to co-write my Senior Honors Thesis with a fellow ULC tutor. Tutoring made it possible for me to interact with like-minded people and work with others on an intimate academic level. It’s difficult to forge a community in a large university, and I’m so grateful that the ULC made one for me!

Erika Ryan, Class of 2011, Learning Assistant 2008-2011, currently at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.


Working at the ULC for two years was one of the most meaningful experiences of my undergraduate career at NYU. I looked forward to going to work because I always had fun with my colleagues, the tutees, and I always ended up learning as much from those that I helped as I hope they learned from me. I encourage everyone to come down and take advantage of the wonderful resources and fun learning environment at the ULC.

Wilfredo Matias, Class of 2010, Learning Assistant 2008-2010, currently at Harvard Medical School and recent recipient of the Soros Fellowship.

How to Apply

Applications are posted on our website and through Handshake, with select candidates invited for interviews. Hiring offers remain contingent upon schedules and successful completion of the current semester.

We hire most of our staff during the spring semester (applications posted mid-March) to begin the following fall semester. The majority of staff stay with us through the entire academic year. However, a few positions may be hired in January for the spring term. Applications for spring are posted in late November/early December.

Relevant information, and an application for each position, can be found on their respective pages. Links to each page can be found under each position description below.

Information Assistant (IA) Information

Learning Assistant (LA) Information

Information Assistants (IA's):

Information Assistants are the first point of contact for any student entering the ULC seeking assistance. IA's manage the flow of traffic at our two locations, matching students with an appropriate Learning Assistant and keeping track of learning sessions. They also provide students with information about other relevant workshops and programs provided by the ULC. Daily tasks include greeting students, data entry, answering phones, assisting with marketing efforts and social media, and general administrative duties.

Learning Assistants (LAs):

Learning Assistants are academic tutors who support over 100 NYU courses in the sciences (e.g., chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, economics) and humanities (e.g., psychology, literature, writing, foreign languages). LA's are trained as peer academic coaches and work with peers in one-to-one sessions to help students become better learners, tackling challenging material and breaking down concepts to help students identify the source of their difficulties. By staying up to date in the courses they tutor, LA's clarify class material and offer their perspectives on learning it. 

Additionally, Learning Assistants also develop and facilitate various workshops, group tutoring sessions, and review sessions. Their portfolio may include, but is not limited to:

  • Learning Group (LG) Leaders: Create worksheets and assist students by working collaboratively to practice and learn the material. LG's support courses like General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Principles of Biology, Algebra & Calculus (pre-calc), and Calculus I.
  • Bits Leaders: Plan and lead mini-review sessions weekly, tracking the progress of the course. Bits support Principles of Biology and Math for Econ II.
  • Course Specific Support: Development and facilite workshops.
  • Language Support: Lead Conversation Circles and provide a space for language learners to practice fluency in English and other foreign languages.
  • Peer Academic Coaching: Development and facilitate Academic Skills Workshops.

All Learning Assistants must meet the same eligibility qualifications and undergo the same hiring process, whether they are a humanities student or someone interested in leading a General Chemistry LG section. All LAs will service our daily ULC walk-in tutoring hours, and as such, are required to meet training and tutoring requirements to become ITPC certified (International Tutor Program Certification).