In the fall of 1991, a modest tutoring program was launched by the College of Arts and Science Advising Center. Before that point, some tutoring had been provided by several academic departments and by Counseling Services, but there had never been a centralized academic support system to reach out to students – especially freshmen and new transfers.

A staff of approximately ten tutors, each working only five hours per week, met with students in Main Building (now the Silver Center) during that first year to assist them with mathematics and science, with some foreign language tutoring provided as well.

A large step forward was taken with the opening of the College Learning Center in Weinstein Hall during the fall of 1996. The College’s tutoring staff moved out of borrowed space and into a home of their own. A computer lab and a small library of textbooks were part of the Center from its earliest days, and these resources were made readily available to students, thanks to generous hours of operation.

Today, the Learning Center has grown in size and presence, but remains under the direction of hte CAS Dean's office.  Renamed the "University Learning Center" in 2012, the Center moved into its new home in the Academic Resource Center at 18 Washington Place (formerly NYU's Bookstore), and has a second location within a residence hall on 14th Street (University Hall).  The ULC now has over fifty Learning Assistants working between eight and twelve hours per week to provide group review and individual tutoring in over one hundred CAS courses. In addition to being available for one-to-one help, they lead a variety of workshops on academic skills. Our Learning Assistants also lead weekly peer tutoring sessions for science courses.

The mission of the ULC has remained constant over the years. Our Learning Assistants assist students in developing the skills and strategies they need to become confident, independent, and active learners. The ULC aims to help students meet the challenge of the College’s rigorous academic standards, to guide students in their adjustment to the college learning environment, and to prepare them for a lifetime of self-sufficient learning. The tutoring staff provide instructional approaches that are tailored to the skill levels and learning styles of students, and they encourage students to take responsibility for learning and their academic success.


Our Staff

Learning Assistants and Peer Academic Coaches

All of our Learning Assistants (academic tutors) and Peer Academic Coaches are current undergraduates at NYU who have met the following eligibility criteria:

  • Received an A or A-minus in any course they tutor
  • Hold an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Supported or recommended by faculty, instructors, and staff
  • Interviewed by the University Learning Center professional staff
  • Attended training

Peer Academic Coaches are selected from our experienced team of Learning Assistants.

Information Assistants

The Information Assistants that welcome guests to the University Learning Center are also undergraduates who have been trained with the entire staff.  They can provide information about the ULC's many workshops and activities, or can direct you to other resources on campus as well.

Professional Staff

Soomie Han, J.D.
Asst. Dean, Academic Support Services
Director of the ULC

Christopher Whitehead, M.A.
Assistant Director of the ULC
CAS Academic Adviser