The University Learning Center offers a variety of group sessions geared towards course material review and exam preparation. Sessions are meant to be attended in real time, as the benefit of the sessions are to interact with our Learning Assistants and each other, and to ask any questions in an open and safe environment. Please note: ULC sessions are NOT recorded.

Find our group session schedule below.

Upcoming Study Slams - Fall 2022:

Study Slams: Held a few days before your exam, Study Slams provide a fast-paced review of important topics to remember before your tests. These are not a substitute for long-term, comprehensive study plans, but are instead a quick refresher on important class material.

Sign up for a workshop by clicking the links below - please choose just one session for each workshop.

Learning Groups (LGs) & Bits

Learning Groups: give you a chance to practice and test your understanding of the material from the past week's lecture(s) by working through problems in a collaborative group environment.

Bits: is a weekly, topic-specific mini-review session that will go over material from the past week's lecture(s).   


Previously Held Events Include:

  • MCAT Resources Workshop
  • How to succeed in Orgo bootcamp
  • How to Succeed in Organic Chemistry II
  • Math For Econ II Bootcamp
  • Intro to "R" - A 4-Part Series
  • Calc Readiness workshops