NYU’s academic advising programs aspire to help students find their purpose, achieve their potential, and become active and engaged global citizens.

Advisement is a continuing conversation between you and an advisor. Your advisor will help you select courses, set your academic plans and career goals, and tap into NYU's student resources.

What Can My Advisor Help With?

  • Defining educational and career goals
  • Understanding school and University policies and procedures
  • Adjusting to the college environment
  • Choosing a major, minor, double major, or double minor
  • Course selection and sequencing
  • Dropping or adding courses
  • Tracking and maintaining progress within the College Core Curriculum and toward degree requirements
  • Combined/joint degree, accelerated, and other specialized programs
  • Planning for study abroad
  • Developing skills, time management, and other techniques for academic success
  • Securing tutorial and other academic support
  • Involvement in co-curricular educational opportunities and activities
  • Solving personal problems that impede academic work
  • Liaison/linkage with academic departments, faculty advisors, and relevant administrative areas (e.g. University Registrar's Office, Bursar, Financial Aid)
  • Preparing for graduation

Majors, Minors and Academic Planning

NYU offers many concentrations for study. Your advisor can help you understand your options and make informed choices when making your academic plan.

Rules for majors, double major/minor and other special programs vary by school and field of study. Not all schools offer cross-school minors, majors, and combined degrees. The decision to add a second major or minor may involve the need for prerequisite coursework, registration for additional terms of study, or other factors that should be considered carefully.

NYU's Academic Planner tool can help you get a picture of how to fit in all of your requirements for certain majors, minors, and tracks.

Note: Since the Liberal Studies Program is for freshmen and sophomores only, majors and minors are not offered. LS students generally transition to one of the other undergraduate divisions at NYU and declare a major and/or minor at that time in the school from which they will be receiving their bachelor's degree.