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Joe O'Connor

Joe O'Connor

NYU Polytechnic University Master of Science, May 2013 Manufacturing Engineering

Joe O'Connor

Joe O'Connor graduated from Cal Poly University with a degree in Industrial Technology in 2002 and has worked in the renewable energy industry in San Francisco and New York for the last 6 years. As a resident of San Francisco, he contributed to the burgeoning green industry and culture that supports renewable energy innovation and the integration of sustainable living. As a volunteer with GRID Alternatives, the Habitat for Humanities of the solar industry, Joe teamed up with engineers to install solar electric systems on the homes of low income families in the San Francisco Bay Area. This experience inspired Joe to lead efforts within the renewable energy industry to help break the pattern of global dependency on oil and nonrenewable energy.

In 2007, Joe began working with Sustainable Energy Partners in San Francisco and completed dozens of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, including attaining a LEED-EB Certificate for the Fillmore Center, the largest multi-family property to receive a LEED certificate. During this time Joe collaborated with 3000+ residents and staff members of the Fillmore Center to establish new composting, recycling and energy efficiency systems.

In 2010, Joe helped launch a new solar racking company, Sollega, which has proven to lower the cost of solar installations across the country. His goal is to continue innovating renewable energy products as a manufacturing engineer, after graduating with an M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering in 2013. He seeks to apply his knowledge and professional experience to new projects that empower individuals with tools and resources to produce their own clean energy and live sustainable lives.

In 2012, Joe formed OCON Energy Consulting and is providing design and engineering support for various solar projects on the west and east coast.

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