Graduate Fellowship Alumni

Magogodi Makhene

Magogodi Makhene

Gallatin School of Individualized Study Master of Arts, May 2010 Alternative Asset Class Investment, International Development and Contemporary African Studies

Magogodi Makhene

Magogodi Makhene is an entrepreneur. She founded Zenzele Circle with Brett Shere, while she was a Reynolds Fellow for Social Entrepreneurship at NYU. Zenzele invests in African entrepreneurship. In its first two years, the company has helped a mobile healthcare startup successfully raise its Series A, consulted on global marketing strategy for a mobile money transfer startup and held ministerial level negotiations for a multidisciplinary infrastructure project. She thinks it's frighteningly cool that one of Zenzele's projects hired women (and men) to build a stone road in South Africa using mine waste.

In 2011, Magogodi began exploring a life-long love affair with fashion and design through a blog and online boutique, KoKOFIFI, which continues to evolve.

She is an avid writer and speaker. Her work was published last year in an anthology edited by Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel; she's spoken at places such as the United Nations Youth Assembly and the U.S. State Department. Magogodi is quite proudly a Made In South Africa product--growing up in apartheid-era Soweto etched an indelible stamp on her soul and shapes her belief in humanity.

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