Graduate Fellowship Alumni

Joseph Shin

Joseph Shin

School of Medicine Medical Doctorate, May 2008

Joseph Shin

Since 2014, Joe has been serving as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine. During this time, he has been appointed Medical Director for the Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights (WCCHR) working to expand programs for evaluating and assisting survivors of torture and other human rights abuses, partnering with Physician for Human Rights' Asylum Network. He has also focused on broadening the scope of WCCHR's education, research and advocacy mission to highlight health disparities in other vulnerable populations subject to human rights abuses such as victims of trafficking, and detained populations in correctional and immigration/detention centers.

In 2016, WCCHR was awarded the 2016 United Nations NGO Committee on Mental Health Award, and additionally, Joe recently received a grant for the study of trafficking victims and their interactions with health providers from the Institute for Primary Care Innovations.

Joe helped develop the initial proposal for the new Cornell Center for Health Equity, devoted to generating new knowledge to provide equitable healthcare to all, which is now scheduled to launch in 2017.

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