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Courtney Montague

Courtney Montague

Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service Master of Public Administration, May 2011 Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy

Courtney Montague

Courtney Montague's journey began in 2004, after graduating from the American University of Paris she traveled to New Zealand for an internship with Global Volunteer Network (GVN). This internship turned into a job and in 2005 Courtney Co-Founded the US based 501(C)3 organization The Global Volunteer Network Foundation (GVN Foundation).

As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of GVN Foundation, Courtney has raised over $1.2 million to combat extreme poverty in Nepal, Vietnam, Ethiopia, S. Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Peru, the Philippines, Uganda, and Ecuador. The GVN Foundation has focused on funding projects that specifically address the needs of children living in poverty. These funding programs are holistic and provide a range of services from building schools in Uganda, to providing children with immunizations in Nepal, to paying for school fees for children to gain an education in Kenya. These programs are focused on addressing children's most pressing needs in the communities GVN Foundation serves.

In 2011 Courtney resigned as Executive Director of GVN Foundation to pursue her passion for social enterprise and fashion. She and her sister, Kelsey, have started an online socially responsible marketplace called Nikita & Vesper.

Nikita & Vesper believes that women should be able to visit one online source to purchase gorgeous clothing and accessories that are also ethically produced. Very few companies in the marketplace have created an ecommerce shop that is both fashion forward and ethical.

Nikita and Vesper is an online marketplace that sources beautifully made, socially responsible products for women. This includes products that are created in women's co-ops, fair trade enterprises, and organic and environmentally focused organizations.

When Courtney isn't running operations for Nikita & Vesper, she consults and teaches for the IC3 Academy--an online academy dedicated to training and equipping individuals interested in starting social enterprises.

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