New architecture towers over old traditional architecture.

Housing & Meals

By the time you arrive in Shanghai, you'll have already selected your housing and be ready to move into your new home. Housing is arranged by the program and both required and guaranteed for all students studying at NYU Shanghai.

Since there are no meal plans, expect to have most of your meals at local eateries or by utiliziing the fully-equipped kitchens in your off-campus apartments. There is a great variety of restaurants -- you can even find western-style cuisine, though you should expect it to be significantly more expensive than local fare.

A bilingual NYU staff member resides with students in student housing to serve as a Community Resource Assistant (CRA). In addition to overseeing the health, security, and housing maintenance issues that arise, these staff members are also very familiar with Shanghai and the surrounding area and can help facilitate students’ exploration and adjustment to life in a new place.

Another main objective of the student life department and the CRAs in particular is to administer NYU Shanghai policies and to enforce the rules and regulations within student housing. These regulations are put in place in order to maintain a safe, peaceful, and healthy environment within NYU sponsored housing. In order to ensure students’ safety and to provide additional support, the front desks of both the on-campus dorms and the off-campus apartments are staffed by 24 hour security guards and receptionists during the day. Access to the residential units is restricted to residents and guests only.

The NYU Talent Show

NYU Shanghai always attracts a group of talented, entertaining students. It only seemed fitting to found Shanghai Night, the NYU Talent Show. Each semester, students pool together their many talents, including singing and dancing, for the show. Chinese tutors and NYU students often collaborate on acts to add an extra spice to the action.The Chinese Language Program also offers a robust selection of cultural classes including; bamboo flute lessons, Chinese brush painting, calligraphy, ceramics and pottery to name a few.