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The Global Peer Mentors program allows returning study abroad students to share their experiences with the NYU community, in particular students considering studying abroad.  The Global Peer Mentors program provides an invaluable opportunity for students to spread the inspiration, global knowledge and excitement that students have gained from their experiences abroad.

What do Global Peer Mentors do?

Global Peer Mentors are involved in a range of projects, including organizing and attending study abroad recruitment events, hosting information sessions, designing student guides, and much more. Each mentor choses which particular projects to become engaged in and may even initiate their own programming! Mentors also make themselves available to be in communication with prospective study abroad students and University divisions who want to learn more about NYU's global sites.

How can I become a Global Peer Mentor?

The Office of Global Programs is currently recruiting mentors! All eligible students are emailed at the beginning of the semester they return to NYU about how to sign up for the program. Students can also reach out at any time to


Visiting Students

We are glad you spent time abroad at one of NYU’s global sites!  Please consider joining our Study Abroad External Student Ambassador program. As part of this program, you'll share your experiences with students at your home institution through fairs, self-organized events, and by answering questions via email.  

If you would like to join this program, please send an e-mail to