Preparing to Go Abroad 

NYU organizes a pre-departure orientation session at the Washington Square campus prior to your departure. At this session you'll have the opportunity to speak with local staff, recent study abroad students, and your peers. Admitted students also receive regular emails and blog updates from the Global Programs Student Services staff. Students are always free to contact their site representative, the NYU Office of Global Academic Programs, or the overseas Office of Student Life in the city you will be studying, with questions.

Upon acceptance into the NYU Global Academic Program, you will receive a number of mailings from the NYU Office of Global  Programs. These mailings include information about travel, insurance, passports, visas, and more. You will also be asked to complete a Housing Preferences Form, a  Travel Release Form, a Medical History and Release Form , a Health and Accident Insurance Coverage Form, and an Arrival Form. All forms must be completed and returned to the Office of Global Programs in New York prior to departure.


Orientation in Shanghai

In your first few days you’ll attend a student orientation that will help you get a sense of your new and what might be a very different lifestyle in Shanghai. The NYU Shanghai staff provide you with a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of the academic program and life in China to assure you make the most of your experience. You’ll try the local cuisine, learn how to observe local customs and begin to navigate the city’s public transportation network. Orientation also includes a set of local trips that introduce you to just a few of the local wonders you’ll discover in Shanghai such as the Maglev train, the Yu Gardens and City God Temple.

On-site staff will share Shanghai life with you through cultural activities like cooking lessons, visits to the homes of some of the city’s Old Town residents, and a Chinese Acrobatic show. During orientation you’ll also be able to sign up for community service activities and meet with local business leaders about internship opportunities in a variety of industries that you can participate in over the semester.