Go Beyond with the Center for Student Involvement

Participating in student government or a student club or organization, volunteering in a service project, or attending a student leadership program are just a few ways to discover new ideas, learn about different cultures and interests, develop skills, and contribute to your community.

Learn more about the Center for Student Involvement and global engagement opportunities at NYU Shanghai.


Internship Opportunities (requires full year enrollment at NYU Shanghai)

Students who Study Away in Shanghai for a full academic year have access to a wide variety of internship and volunteer opportunities. Before their arrival, students will be able to search NYU Shanghai CareerNet with over 80 local internship opportunities posted each term.

The NYU Shanghai mobility team (shanghai.student-mobility@nyu.edu) will assist you with the necessary paperwork to obtain a proper work visa and the Career Development Center will provide you with additional information about the opportunities available to you.

Our Study Away students have obtained internships in corporations from different industries, such as BTC China, ACCESS health international, Amcham Shanghai, Oriental DreamWorks, AEG Management, naked Retreats, The Good Agency Asia and China Solutions. If you are interested in these opportunities, you should log on to NYU Shanghai CareerNet as soon as you have been accepted into the program, and contact our Career Development Center (shanghai.careerdevelopment@nyu.edu) if you have any questions before you arrive.

Career Development  

Study Away students can network and gain career related skills through attending career-related workshops, speaker sessions and company visits. You will also have the opportunity to apply for the NYU Shanghai Alumni Mentor Program which aims to connect students with NYU alumni across a variety of professional sectors in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of career opportunities and trends in Asia.