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Arts &Science. Imagine. Discover. Create. Arts &Science speaks to Liberal Studies’ Mitra Rastegar about her new book. ... NYU, University of Waikato Receive Mellon Foundation Grant to Protect Indigenous Knowledge and Data.


Computing and Data Science - NYU Stern

Any four (4) approved Computing &Data Science Electives. Approved Computing &Data Science Elective Options. ... CSCI-UA 4 (Introduction to Web Design and Computer Principles) does not count towards the Computing &Data Science concentration.


NYU Computer Science

The homepage of the Computer Science Department at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, a part of New York University.


Ethics of Data Science | NYU Steinhardt

Course is designed to build students’ ethical imaginations and skills for collecting, storing, sharing and analyzing data derived from human subjects including data used in algorithms. The course provides historical background to understand the


DS-GA 1013 / MATH-GA 2821 Mathematical Tools for Data Science

This course provides a rigorous introduction to mathematical tools for data science drawn from linear algebra, harmonic analysis, probability theory, and convex analysis. ... The material is motivated by multiple data-analysis applications including


Data Science and Data Management | NYU Wagner

With the rapid pace of innovation, data science, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly central and critical to business today. ... R provides a wide selection of statistical and graphical techniques. It is rapidly


Book | Foster Provost | Data Science for Business - NYU Stern

In their new book, Professor Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett present a set of fundamental principles for extracting useful knowledge from data


Data Science: Analytics and Visualization | NYU SPS Professional Pathways

These courses draw upon the social sciences, and the fields of computer science, statistics, and management to prepare students to derive insights from complex data sets. ... 2021 Fall. 1 section. Master the art and science of communicating


Home - Computer Science and Data Science Capstone at NYU Shanghai - Research Guides at New York University

A research and resource guide for computer science and data science capstone students at NYU Shanghai


Brenden M. Lake - Psychology and Data Science at NYU

Our lab aims to understand the ingredients of intelligence. We use advances in machine intelligence to better understand human intelligence, and use insights from human intelligence to develop more fruitful kinds of machine intelligence.


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