Representatives of AFAR

AFAR/GSS Unit Role/Responsibilities Members and Contacts
Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Serve as the pre-award central point of contact for Principal Investigators and liaison to AFAR; responsible for review of sponsored project proposals and awards to  identify issues for consideration by AFAR; support sponsored proposal development, review and submission; conducts programmatic, non-financial post-award project management

Cormac Slevin
Manager, Global Research Engagement


John Cooper
Projects Officer for Global Research Activities

Provost Office Overall guidance and faculty outreach Stacie Bloom
Vice Provost for Research
Contracts (CO) and Subcontracts

Contract negotiation and execution

Subcontract negotiation, execution, and subrecipient monitoring

Candace Mascia
Assistant Director, Research Contracts and Collaborations
Office of Industrial Liaison/Technology Transfer (OIL)   Abram Goldfinger
Director, OIL
Financial Operations and Treasury:

Responsible for:

  1. post award administration for all sponsored research, including import/export compliance, reporting and cost analysis
  2. all University treasury functions
  3. insurance and risk management
  4. global tax compliance
  5. payment services
  6. accounting & controllership
  7. purchasing

Primary Contact: David Ngo
Assistant Vice President, Grants, Gifts, and Investment Accounting & Compliance


Louis Curcio
Senior Director Global Tax Compliance


Michael Liebowitz
Senior Director, Insurance and Risk Management

Office of Global Programs and Planning (OGP)   Dennis Clark
Associate VP Fiscal Affairs & Global Programs Administration
Office of Global Services   Robert Sanford
Director, Outbound Immigration and Mobility Services
Office of Compliance and Risk Management  

Erum Raza
Acting Chief Compliance Officer


Tatiana Shapiro
Export Compliance Officer


Human Resources (HR)   Mark Petti
Associate Director, Retirement Plans & Global Benefits

University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects (UCAIHS)


  Scott Fisher
Human Research Compliance Director

University Animal Welfare Committee (UAWC)


Mark Klinger
University Veterinarian

Lee-Ronn Paluch
Interim Director, Office of Veterinary Resources (on August 31, 2021)

Office of General Counsel (OGC) Responsible for legal issues relating to global registration, employment, immigration, intellectual property, and compliance and reporting (e.g., export control, OFAC, antiboycott).

Elizabeth Woods Whiston

Associate General Counsel

Global Security Operations Responsible for the full spectrum of travel safety and security for the NYU community, to include travel policies and processes; Detecting and assessing trends for potential impact;  Developing ways to mitigate potential risks to individuals and their programs abroad prior to a traveler's departure, in addition to tailored personal safety and security training.

William Huser

Assistant Vice President, Communication and Global Security Operation Centers