The Cayuse Research Suite is NYU’s system to support the submission of proposals to external sponsors (Cayuse 424). It also allows for management of the proposal submission and award process and provides a framework for tracking and reporting on sponsored project activities (Cayuse SP). Because it is a single sign-on system, once you are registered, you can access Cayuse via NYUHome’s Research tab. No additional password is required.

Sponsor Profile: Needed for any proposal. When you are creating a new proposal, if you do not see the sponsor you need in the drop down menu, you may request a Sponsor Profile. Do this at least a week prior to the proposal deadline.

Institutional Profile: Needed for all subawardees/subcontractors prior to proposal submission. You may check to see if an institution is already in the system by selecting the “Institutions” tab in Cayuse 424 and searching for the Institution that you would like to use.