Handbook Table of Contents

About the Handbook Table of Contents

The Handbook Table of Contents corresponds to the content that comprises the Sponsored Programs Administration Post-Award Handbook print/interactive PDF available above. Each page presents a synopsis of each policy and its application at New York University, including related resources, technical systems, forms, related Handbook policies and related Federal regulations.

Content includes (where applicable):

  • Policy synopsis and NYU Approach to the Policy
  • Policy sub-topics
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Links to official University policies in the University Policy & Guidelines website
  • Related Handbook policies
  • Related technical systems and detailed information about system use
  • Resources and Forms
  • Related Federal regulations


Costing Policy

Charging Administrative Expenses

Accounting for Unallowable Costs

Information about unallowable costs - costs that are not reimbursable under either Federal regulations and/or the terms and conditions of a sponsored award.

Application of Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Cost Rates

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Cost Waivers

F&A expenses are general business expenses that are not specifically identifiable to a sponsored project, but rather support the project indirectly.  This page provides information about F&A Cost Waivers in post-award administration.
Personnel Costs for Sponsored Programs
Fringe Benefit Rates for Sponsored Programs
Cost Sharing
Opening or Modifying a Project


Information about the re-budgeting process.

Prior Approvals (PAS)

No-Cost Extension As the end of a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement nears, it may be necessary for the PI to request additional time to complete the project.  This page provides information about the no-cost extension process.
Effort Reporting Effort is the work or portion of time devoted to a particular activity, expressed as a percentage of University effort paid by NYU as defined by Institutional Base Salary (IBS). This page provides information on Effort Reporting and the ERS System at NYU.
Cost Transfers
Salary Cap Administration
Program Income for Sponsored Programs
Program income is gross income earned by the recipient that is directly generated by a supported activity or earned as a result of an award.  This page provides information on managing Program Income at NYU.
Clinical Trials Financial Management
Managing Sponsor Payments A sponsor is an individual, institution, or agency that enters into an agreement with the University to support, through an award (grant, contract, or cooperative agreement) a project or work of a certain scope. This page provides information about managing sponsor payments on NYU sponsored program or project activities.