The Small Business Program gives small businesses an opportunity to compete for business. For federal contracts (not grants) greater than $650,000, a subcontract plan must be provided to the federal agency. This plan should document the small business participation in the contract.

NYU Approach

The Office of Sponsored Programs will submit to and negotiate with the Federal agency a Small Business Subcontracting Plan that addresses procurement and subcontracting with small and disadvantaged (commonly minority and women owned) business concerns. Plans, created by the administrative unit developing the proposal with assistance from NYU’s Procurement Office who maintains a list of vendors that qualify as minority or women owned small businesses under the program, will be reviewed by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) along with the proposal budget and submitted to the sponsoring entity. The Purchasing Department is designated as the Liaison Office for the Subcontracting/Subawards Program. Among other responsibilities, Purchasing will submit reports of compliance and accomplishments under approved subcontracting plans to Program Managers/PIs, Subcontracting Plan Administrators and cognizant Institute personnel, as well as submitting to the contracting agencies.

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