Once New York University (NYU) is awarded funding from a sponsoring agency, a project is set up to track expenditures and to monitor other award compliance requirements. Both public and private sponsors provide specific requirements for tracking and reporting on grants and contracts.

NYU Approach

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) initiates the setup of an award on behalf of the Principal Investigator (PI). After the initial setup in Cayuse (NYU’s pre-award system), Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) sets up a project in FAME, the University general ledger, including the approved budget received from the Department. Alternatively, the Department may designate staff to input budgets for sponsored projects directly into the BIA Budget Module.

Project Set-Up & Modifications

All notices of grant awards are forwarded to OSP. OSP enters the award information into Cayuse, NYU’s proposal tracking and award administration system. The award data in Cayuse is then transferred to the FAME and reviewed by SPA. SPA then will submit a request through the FSM to validate the chartfield and activate the project ID. SPA then will submit a request to FSM to validate the chartfield and activate the project ID.  SPA then requests that the department submit a detailed expense budget in the BIA Budget Module. The budget is approved by SPA and the project is available for spending within three business days.

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What's an Advance / Risk Project?

An Advance/Risk Project allows the PI to begin spending pending receipt of the formal notice of award. A risk project can be requested. The school or department's Fiscal Officer must approve any Advance/Risk Project. Should the anticipated sponsored award not materialize, the department is responsible for all expenses incurred on the risk project. 

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Pre-Award Spending

Departments must request prior approval from OSP to incur pre-award costs on Federal grants. If the research involves Human or Animal Subjects, they must have proper approval from the Internal Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before submitting the project setup request. In addition to receiving approval from OSP, the Department/School will need to request the risk project be established

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