Effort Reporting

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New York University (NYU) receives funding for research and other sponsored programs through grants and contracts provided by the federal government and other sponsoring agencies. As a condition for accepting many of these awards, NYU must ensure that the salary charged to a grant or contract is justified by the effort expended.

NYU Approach

At NYU, Principal Investigators (PI's), research staff, and students working on sponsored research projects must certify their effort using Maximus ERS, a system for time and effort reporting.

To ensure that that effort reporting is administered properly, please:

  • Track “University Effort” - the sum of all professional activities for which NYU regularly compensates an individual – using Maximus ERS.
  • Use the same basis to propose or commit effort as the method used to calculate, report, and certify one’s effort.
  • Calculate effort percentages based on the estimated actual effort and not a set number of hours.
  • Maximum effort – the Faculty effort assigned to sponsored projects cannot total more than 95%.
  • Understand Summer Effort for Faculty with 9-month appointments.  This means that faculty who are compensated for 9-month appointments are permitted to spend up to an additional 3 months of summer effort on sponsored projects and other University activities. The maximum effort (95%) rule applies to summer salaries.
  • Understand Institutional Base Salary (IBS). For faculty with 9 month appointments, IBS is the salary base for the period 9/1 – 5/31.
  • Report committed Cost Sharing in the effort report. See the Cost Sharing policy for more information.
  • Do not make any adjustments in ERS without the PI’s written consent.
  • Do not include Non-University effort in the calculation of effort percentage. This includes:
    • Consulting and other outside compensated professional work
    • Volunteer community or public services
    • Veteran’s Administration compensated activities
    • Bonus and “one-time” payments for which extra compensation is paid by NYU.