The application of the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rates allows New York University (NYU) to recover overhead costs (e.g., facilities, utilities, libraries, administration, student services). These are REAL COSTS that are not easily identified with a specific project. NYU’s F&A rate allows the University to recover these costs and maintain the infrastructure necessary to support research.

NYU Approach

It is the policy of New York University that when submitting applications or proposals to acquire sponsor awards, Principal Investigators (PIs) apply the University's approved indirect cost rate to all externally-sponsored research projects. However, requests for waivers or partial waivers of indirect costs occasionally are granted by the Provost or designee. With the exception of nonprofit charitable foundations that limit Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs, indirect cost waivers are generally not granted by the University unless there is an exceptional reason to allow the waiver.

Requests for indirect cost waivers are initiated by the PI and must be reviewed by the Chair and Dean and forwarded for review to the Vice Provost for Research or designee. Please refer to the Facilities and Administrative Costs Waivers section of the SPA Handbook for specific instructions to request a waiver.

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