New York University's Sponsored Programs Administration Post Award Handbook is a comprehensive tool and reference guide designed to support Principal Investigators and other staff responsible for the financial administration of grants and contracts. 

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"The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued Title 2 U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Part 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance, “UG”).  Per 2 CFR 200.109, the OMB must review the Uniform Guidance regulations every five years.  As a result of the first five-year review, in August 2020 the Uniform Guidance was revised and a refreshed frequently asked questions (FAQ) document related to the Uniform Guidance for grants was issued in May 2021.

The Handbook

SPA’s Handbook provides research faculty and staff all NYU policies and procedures governing post-award administration of grants and contracts. The Handbook - as well as this supporting website - will evolve with changes in Federal law, sponsor requirements and NYU's needs.

This Handbook and related website attempt to capture, simplify, and organize critical information in an easy to use format that NYU staff can reference while managing Federal grants and contracts.

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Areas Covered

The Handbook provides an overview of several areas of grants management, such as:

  • Opening and Closing Grant Sponsored Awards
  • Re-Budgeting
  • Managing Grant Expenditures, including
    • Personnel Expenses
    • Travel
    • Membership Dues
    • Equipment
    • Computers
  • Dealing with Cost Sharing
  • Processing Cost Transfers
  • Identifying and tracking Program Income
  • Managing Recharge Centers
  • Purchasing for a Sponsored Project
  • Managing Equipment Acquired with Federal Funds
  • Managing Sub-awards
  • Financial Reporting on a Grant
  • Handling Audits and Other Forms of Financial Reviews

The Handbook contains a comprehensive Glossary of Terms and aims to assist both NYU PIs and Grant Administrators with background and reference information useful to the administration of Federal awards and sub-awards, as well as to provide NYU staff with the information and tools needed to successfully manage grant programs and ensure compliance with Federal regulations and requirements.

While this handbook is primarily focused on the requirements of managing U.S. Federal grants, many of the tools and concepts are transferable to other public and private sponsor awards. The Handbook and website will also serve as a valuable resource to NYU staff.