NYU’s core program for the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) in Fall 2022 offers 5 webinar sessions and adds several in-person, 90 minute discussion sessions. All members of the NYU research community including undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, professional researchers and faculty are encouraged to attend.

Individuals in departments that offer courses covering these topics are not required to attend, but are invited to attend to supplement their learning. Graduate students and Postdocs may be required to complete RCR training if they are supported on certain extramurally funded projects.

Participants in all 5 core webinars will receive a certificate of completion in the basics of RCR. The certificate program meets the standards of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other funding agencies. To meet the standards of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and receive a certificate of completion for RCR in accordance with NIH guidelines, individuals will need to participate in all 5 core webinars and attend a minimum of one of the numerous 90 minute, in-person RCR discussion sessions that will be offered throughout the calendar year.

Fall 2022 RCR Sessions

All webinars took place over zoom on Fridays September 30th-October 28th at 9-10:30am EST, 2022. 



September 30th - Publication and Authorship

Facilitator: Ivan Oransky

Dr. Oransky will discuss why papers get retracted, what authors do wrong, and why some retractions are unavoidable.

October 7th - Peer Review

Facilitator: Kurt Becker

Dr. Becker will discuss how peer review works in publications and grant reviews, and the ethical responsibilities of peer reviewers in research.

October 14th - Data Management and Planning

Facilitator: NYU Libraries

Faculty from NYU libraries will cover topics related to best practices for managing research data, keeping data secure, and preserving data for long-term accessibility and will include elements such as: data ethics, sensitive data, data de-identification and/or anonymization, curating data for re-use.

October 21st - Safe and Respectful Research Environments

Facilitator: Representatives from the Office of Global Inclusion will talk about how to create and promote a safe and respectful research environment, free from sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of professional misconduct.

October 28th - Research Misconduct

Facilitator: Christine Ponder

Dr. Ponder will cover what constitutes research misconduct, why misconduct happens, and how misconduct is reported and handled by NYU. This session will also cover conflicts of interest and mentor-mentee relationships.

Faculty panel discussion sessions facilitated by Christine Ponder will be held around campus in November and December.