New User Orientation Process

All faculty, students, and research or technical staff who will be directly involved in research with vertebrate animals at NYU, Washington Square Campus, must complete the New User Orientation Process and have their role identified on an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approved protocol PRIOR to obtaining access to the research facility. Work with animals is prohibited until verification of completion of the orientation process is received. Non-faculty members must be sponsored for orientation by a faculty researcher, preferably the principal investigator.

The New Scientist Orientation process was created to introduce new personnel to the laws and regulations that govern all aspects of animal care and use programs. You may be entering the field of animal research for the first time as an undergraduate student, a post-doctoral researcher with extensive experience at other research institutions, or somewhere in between. Whatever your experience, participation in the New Scientist Orientation process is a prerequisite to gaining the authorization needed to access the animal use areas at this institution.

We recommend that the steps below be completed in the following order:

Vivarium Access Questionnaire

The Vivarium Access Questionnaire (.doc) provides basic demographic information, animal use experience, health information, protocol data, and security access details. This document must be completed by both the researcher and PI and emailed to for record.

Animal Welfare Orientation Tutorial

The Animal Welfare Orientation Tutorial covers basic information related to the use of animals in research. The content of this tutorial will provide the necessary information to pass the Animal Subjects Certification Exam, required for animal care and use clearance.

Animal Subjects Certification Exam

The information on the Animal Subjects Certification Exam is covered in the Tutorial. We require a passing score of 22/25; you may take the exam as many times as needed to achieve this score. Your results will be automatically sent to the Administrator for record.

Research and Laboratory Safety (RLS) Training

Lab Safety and Hazardous Waste trainings are required for all persons working in research laboratories and are facilitated by Research and Laboratory Safety. Biosafety training is also required for research staff working with recombinant DNA or viral vectors. Please review the SciSheild (formerly BioRAFT) webpage for the training schedule and further details. 

Health Clearance

Individuals working with animals must receive medical clearance to be approved for animal care and use.  This clearance must be received before animal exposure, added to an approved protocol, and granted facility access.

For collaborators / visiting researchers, see the amendment page for further details. 

Animal Use Orientation Presentation

This presentation reviews the various aspects of animal care and use, from rules and regulations to the humane treatment of animals.  All research staff working with vertebrate animals must attend the presentation approximately 1.5 hours long via Zoom. Please note, that video and audio will be necessary for completion. 

Animal Facility Tour

Research staff will receive a tour of the animal facilities from an Office of Veterinary Resources staff member after completing all other aspects of the orientation process.