Pre-Review Deadlines

Final Submission Deadlines IACUC Meeting Dates
12/1/23 1/5/24 1/18/24
1/12/24 2/2/24 2/15/24
2/9/24 3/8/24
6/14/24 7/5/24 7/18/24
7/19/24 9/6/24 No Meeting
8/9/24 9/6/24 9/19/24
9/13/24 10/4/24 10/17/24
10/11/24 11/8/24 11/21/24
11/15/24 12/6/24 12/19/24
New / de Novo Protocols:

New protocols require a pre-review by designated IACUC members to prepare submissions for full committee review and expedite approval. Investigators must submit their protocols via Cayuse two months before the meeting. Investigators will receive pre-review comments two weeks from receipt and will have one week to make the required modifications. Revised protocols must be submitted by the final submission deadline to be added to the IACUC’s meeting agenda. Late submissions will likely be enrolled into the following month’s agenda. 

PLEASE NOTE: For funded protocols, grant applications (or relevant sections) must be attached to protocol submissions on the Cayuse Attachments page for the application to be considered complete. All relevant permits, letters of collaboration, registrations, or proposed procedures should also be attached and submitted by the pre-review deadline. Incomplete submissions will be returned to the PI and can delay approval for up to a month.

Significant Amendments:

Significant amendments may require full committee review. Please refer to the IACUC’s Amendment and VVC Policy for clarification of your submission. The IACUC advises investigators to submit significant amendments one month prior to the next scheduled IACUC meeting.

Annual Renewals

This administrative annual review renewals require investigators to update their list of current lab personnel.  Investigators should submit annual renewals no later than one month before expiration.