Per Diems and Fee for Service

To defray the expenses for animal care, a system of per diem charges for the maintenance of all experimental animals housed in the Washington Square Animal Facilities has been instituted. The rates reflect the direct costs related to keeping animals, including: food and bedding, but do not offset the cost of diagnostic work, technical supplies and procedures which are charged on a fee for service basis. Census records of all animals on a protocol are kept by OVR animal care staff. Charges are based on the deduct system in which a valid count will be conducted weekly and at the end of each month by the OVR animal technician. When Investigators and/or their staff remove animals, they will are responsible for indicating this on the appropriate housing record in the housing room; OVR staff will add this information to the census records. Bills are distributed monthly and are calculated as the total number of care days multiplied by that species per diem rate.


The animal facilities are protected and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access can be obtained only after completion of the Animal Welfare Orientation process has been completed.


Visitors to the animal facilities who have not completed the Animal Welfare orientation process are not permitted in the facilities unless they have received prior approval from the OVR Director. The health and TB test status of any potential visitors must be reviewed to protect the visitor and to prevent the exposure of research animals and personnel to adventitious agents from the outside environment. Approved visitors must be escorted at all times.